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New Student Enrollment

Starting soon, a $25 enrollment fee will be in effect. Enroll now to avoid paying this fee. If you have never enrolled a student into WWVA before, click on the big maroon “Apply” button to the right -> If you do not see the “Apply” button, click the heading above then, click the link here. […]

Summer Office Hours

Our summer office hours are Monday – Thursday 10 am -4 pm if you need to meet with us at a different time please call and schedule an appointment. The office will be closed for the week of July 6-10.

WWVA 2020 Awards

Thanks for your patience! It’s finally here: the WWVA 2020 Awards video dedicated to the hardworking students, parents, faculty, staff, family and friends of Walla Walla Valley Academy who have somehow through miraculous effort and an unusual amount of good humor made this quarter work. “Red Carpet” interviews with faculty after the award ceremonies If […]

Graduation 2020

The WWVA Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony will be held on Sunday, June 7 at 9:00 am. The celebration will be available to view through live stream by going to wwva.org/2020-graduation. Please join us online as we pay tribute to these amazing young adults.

Current Students Re-enrollment

Starting soon, a $25 re-enrollment fee will be in effect. Enroll now to avoid paying this fee. If you have a My WWVA account, log in, click on “Family” then “Enrollment/Reenrollment”. You will then see the name of your currently enrolled student. Click on “Start Enrollment packet” and review the information, updating any new information. […]

Online School and Contacts

Until further notice, WWVA will be conducting all classes online. Students have been informed where to go for their assignments, how to contact their teachers and will be given notice if there is a scheduled time where they are to be online with their class for a lab or group assignment. Teacher office hours are […]