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Keeping Up With the Knights

As we start off a new month tomorrow, we wanted to first off remember all the brave men and women who died protecting our country and holding our flag high. Our May recap is a long one so get ready for a fun ride! First up, it is time to meet another group of our […]

Spirit Week

We have kicked off the Christmas Spirit Week! Gets can get excited about dressing up while they work hard in their classes.

Band Performance

Sadly the band was not able to have its annual Christmas program. Here is a recording of the bands Christmas songs.

Orchestra Performance

The WWVA Orchestra could not perform in person concerts this Christmas so here is a video for you to enjoy.

British Lit. and Coat of Arms

British Literature students did research on their family’s coat of arms. They illustrated their coat of arms and then presented them to the class. Below are some of the family coat of arms that the students presented.