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Financial Aid

How to Apply:

Matching Fund Financial Aid is generated by your church is awarded through their financial aid committee. Here are the steps for application*:

  • Download your home church’s application or contact your local church office.
  • Follow the criteria set forth by your church, and submit the application as early as possible in the summer prior to attendance.
  • Notify Mrs. Ellis of the Award. Once the financial aid is awarded by the church, they will make payments directly to WWVA.
*Please note. When applying for church financial aid, it is important to do it as early in the summer as possible, and bring that award with you when you meet with Financial VP Mrs. Ellis.

Financial Aid Application Links

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Village Church Work Match Application

Milton Church Financial Aid Request

Stateline SDA Church Application: Please contact Pastor

Touchet SDA Church Application: Please contact Pastor

Umapine SDA Church Application: Please contact Pastor

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