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It is the desire and purpose of WWVA faculty to provide quality instruction and excellence in scholastic standards. Each student will be given a class program that fits his/her interests and ability level. In addition, every student is expected to maintain positive academic growth each semester in order to retain attendance privileges.
The academic program is based on a four-year sequence. A general diploma requires a student to have a minimum of 240 credits and meet the specific criteria in each area of study. A College Prep Diploma requires 270 credits with a minimum 3.25 GPA along with meeting the CADR’s and successful completion of two college-level courses. To earn enrichments on their diplomas students must earn 270 credits with a minimum 3.25 GPA as well as a specific number of credits in the area of study.
Students should be aware that graduation requirements are not the same as college entrance requirements. This is why careful planning is necessary for the selection of yearly coursework.
Units of Credit: Five credits are granted for a class that meets for a minimum of 225 minutes per week for 18 weeks. Ten credits are equivalent to one Carnegie unit.

College Prep Diploma

CADR; College Academic Distribution Requirements
English; 40 credits. 30 credits must be college preparatory composition or literature or college-level work in composition or literature.
Mathematics; 30 credits. AlgebraI, Geometry, and Algebra II or higher, or college mathematics course with intermediate algebra as a prerequisite.
Science; 20 credits of lab-based science, one of which must be Algebra-based and one must be in Biology,
Chemistry or Physics; A single class could satisfy both of these requirements.
Senior year math-based quantitative course; Algebra II, Pre-Calc or higher math course, statistics, an algebra-based science course such as Chemistry or Physics, or the comparable college courses.
World Languages; 20 credits of the same world language or the equivalent college courses.
Social Studies; 30 credits in history or social sciences or the equivalent college courses.
Fine Arts; 10 credits


Enrichments are earned when a student studies above and beyond in one or more subject areas and apply to Regular or College Prep Diplomas.

Community Service Award: Any student who accumulates 50 hours of community service during high school will be eligible for a community service award. Forms to document service are available in the office.

Class Eligibility: Students expecting to join a class must have the following number of credits at the start of the current school year: Sophomores 60, Juniors 110, and Seniors 170.
A senior who comes to WWVA needing more than 70 credits will be classified as a junior until grades are re-evaluated at the end of the first semester. At that time if she/he is passing appropriate courses and on track to graduate, she/he will be moved to senior class status.
Class Load: A full class load is six classes per semester. Students who want to take more than six classes or 60 credits per year should seek the advice of parents and the Vice Principal for Academics. If a part-time student takes three or more classes, one of the classes must be a Bible class.
Graduation Services Participation: Juniors and seniors involved in any major discipline during the last quarter may forfeit participation privileges in graduation services. Participation in commencement is contingent upon a student successfully completing all required and elective courses necessary y to earn the minimum number of credits for a general diploma. Seniors must be taking a minimum of six classes, exclusive of teacher assistant, work assignments and off-campus credits, during the second semester to participate in graduation services. The Academic Standards Committee must approve exceptions to this policy.
A maximum of 55 credits of music and physical education/health may be allowed toward meeting minimum graduation requirements. No more than 35 credits are allowed in either area.

Grading Policy

Grade reports are emailed to students and parent(s)/guardian(s) each week and are available through the MyWWVA account portal for each class. Parents are invited to examine these reports and to contact teachers or the Vice Principal for Academics with any questions concerning the grades received. Only semester grades earned by the student are final and recorded on his/her transcript.

Honor cords, College Prep diplomas, and Enrichments will be determined by the academic standing at the end of the seventh semester. High honor cords are earned by those with a cumulative 3.75 and above, Honor cords are earned by students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 to 3.74.

Academic Policies

Acceleration Policy: Acceleration is reserved for students who will be 19 years of age before graduation. Additional policy information is available from the Vice Principal for Academics.
Class Add/Drop: Written permission to drop or add a class must be obtained from the student’s parent or guardian, the teacher(s) involved and the Vice Principal for Academics. A class is not considered dropped until a completed form has been returned to the office. Students should continue to attend until that process is finalized. A class may be added to a student’s schedule only during the first two weeks of a semester. No class can be dropped after the date listed on the online master calendar for each semester.
Online/Correspondence Courses: In order to assure credit for home-school, online, and other courses not taken at the Academy a student must have the approval of the Academic Standards Committee. Online courses are only allowed for a limited number of the credits required for graduation. Choice of online schools must be approved by the Vice Principal for Academics in order to receive credit. Seniors should complete all correspondence work needed for graduation by April 30 in order to have confirmation that each course is completed and passed.
Home School Transfers: Students transferring from home school programs must have coursework approved by the Vice Principal for Academics and/or Academic Standards Committee before credit can be given.