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The uniform dress code policy has been created to support Walla Walla Valley Academy’s commitment to excellence.

Uniforms are an expression of our desire to focus on the unique and special talents each student has on the inside, rather than outwardly focusing on external distractions. God transforms our hearts and minds, and builds character from within. It is that beauty on which we focus. We also understand, that today’s workforce is strongly competitive. In teaching our students to dress and appropriately for professional environments, it is our desire that they will be provided the opportunity to be as prepared to represent themselves well.

What we wear:

All students must wear approved and properly logoed shirts.

  • Polo shirt’s are available in maroon, grey, black and white and have long and short sleeve versions.
  • White button down dress shirts are available for both men and women with various sleeve lengths.

All students must wear uniform pants, shorts or skirts.

  • Men’s shorts may be black or khaki as well  as Women’s pants, shorts and cropped pants.
  • Women’s skirts are available in khaki, black and plaid. Leggings and tights may be worn with skirts in black, grey, white, maroon or opaque.
  • You may purchase your own pants, shorts  or skirts, but they must meet our guidelines.

All students taking PE classes or participating in athletics must wear approved uniforms.

  • Students enrolled in PE classes must wear the school approved T-shirt and shorts.
  • Students participating in athletics are required to wear team uniforms. More information is available here.

All students must wear uniform outerwear inside the building.

  • Logoed sweaters are available in maroon for men and women in a variety of styles
  • Logoed jackets are available in a variety of styles for men and women in a variety of styles. If a jacket is worn indoors, it must be part of the approved uniform.

Uniform Customization

  • Students may customize their uniforms with their choice of shoes, scarves, and ties. Uniforms themselves may not be customized other than to alter for fit.

Policy notes:

  • Uniform shirts, pants/shorts must be worn indoors during class time.  Uniform jackets may be worn over the uniform shirts but not instead of them.
  • The faculty and staff strongly suggest adding names and initials with a permanent marker in uniforms, to ensure lost items do not have to be replaced.
  • Hats, hoodies and outdoor coats are not to be worn during the school day in the facility.
  • Not all clothing available is modest on all students. Uniforms should fit appropriately and modestly. Skirt hems must fall below the fingertips and approach the knee.
  • Unnatural hairstyles and colors is not appropriate at school or when representing the school during performances, athletic events or on trips.
  • Footwear is required at all times by state law.
  • Repeated unwillingness to comply with the Uniform Dress Code will be cause for disciplinary action.

Buy, Sell, Trade

Used uniforms are available family to family through our Uniform Exchange Group on Facebook. You must ask to join, and then you will be able to buy, sell or trade WWVA uniforms directly with other families.

Student Uniform Donations

WWVA is happy to take uniform donations of items that are in excellent condition. We pass these along to students as the need arises. Uniform items not marked that have been in Lost and Found for more than thirty days will be donated to the collection. In addition, the Development Office collects donations towards the student uniform aid fund.

Dress Down Days and School Trips

Uniforms are not worn during dress down days or school trips outside of the regular school day. Clothing worn for these events should reflect Christian values and be appropriate and modest. Logos, graphics, or words that are in any way offensive, that depict violence, drugs, illicit substances, alcoholic beverages, sexually suggestive tops and musical groups are not acceptable.

Banquet and Graduation Attire

Banquet  attire must meet the Banquet Attire Code as developed by the ASB offices and sponsors. It must be approved by the administration. Graduation and class night attire must also be approved by the administration. Students should aim for modesty and appropriateness and reflect Christian values. Please contact Mrs. Evanenko if you have questions.