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Walla Walla Valley Academy Scholarships

Walla Walla Valley Academy Awards student scholarships each year based both on performance and need. These scholarships include (but are not limited to):



Academic Milestone Scholarship: 

We offer five Academic Milestone Scholarships to incoming freshmen each year. The winner of each category will receive a $750 Scholarship towards their second quarter of their freshman year. Student entries are judged by a panel of three judges—One from the community with expertise in the area, our Vice Principal for Academics Keith Wells  and a WWVA Teacher from the subject area. Three Finalists will be chosen in each area to present to the panel, from which a winner will be selected.

This scholarship opens each year on May 1 and Entries are due by June 1. Beginning May 1, you can download the Entry Packet here:

» Academic Milestone Scholarship: English and Writing

» Academic Milestone Scholarship: Mathematics

» Academic Milestone Scholarship: History and Social Science

» Academic Milestone Scholarship: Sciences

» Academic Milestone Scholarship: Bible and Service



Financial Aid Scholarship:  Walla Walla Valley Academy Student Financial Aid is awarded by the Administration in consultation with the Financial Subcommittee of the Board of Trustees. It is based on need and requested by Financial VP Mr. Fuchs after consulting with your family.

If you would like to contribute to our Student Financial Aid fund, you will find information regarding this fund here.


Grow With Me Scholarship:  The Grow With Me Scholarship is awarded to Kindergarten graduates from Rogers Adventist School and Milton-Stateline Adventist School. They are worth $150 at issue. Each year the student attends the school they are graduating from, another $50 will be added. The award may be worth up to $500. This scholarship is awarded based on academic and social excellence.


NPUC Hispanic Scholarship
Spanish Application
English Application


John Deming Scholarship:

 Apply through Facts Tuition Aid

This scholarship is not yet available.


Leadership Scholarships: 



Student of the Month Scholarship: