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Families with students at WWVA should plan for the following expenses:



  • Entrance payment which is due at final registration on August 21. Costs included in this payment include: Associated Student Body (ASB) fee,  Senior Survival fee, Campus Ministries fee, Student Accident Insurance, Class dues, Student publications including the Mugbook, Newspaper and Delphian, library fee and a technology fee, including iPad fees.




  • Extracurriculars are elective and NOT included in tuition: AcroKnight Lab fees, sports dues and apparel, trips, lunches and private music lessons


Tuition and Fees
International Student Fees




Financial aid: Financial aid is generally categorized in two categories: Matching Aid in which your local church participates in assisting you with tuition costs and WWVA based scholarships.  Application for Matching Aid is made to your local church. Upon approval from your church,  it is matched  by the Upper Columbia Conference and by WWVA. The school receives financial aid donations; these are awarded to students based on recommendations from the Student Aid Committee that looks at need, student and parent commitment, as well as academic performance. Merit based scholarships are award through the Marketing and Recruitment office, in collaboration with the WWVA Leadership team.
Student Labor:   WWVA has a limited number of work opportunities for students  in our Custodial and Maintenance departments, in our academic departments as student graders, and in our administrative offices. WWVA pays Washington State Minimum Wage. Work is available after school and, with pre approval, study halls.  Those working in an office or custodial should plan to average one hour daily, or approximately $150 to $160 per month. All student earnings are credited toward their tuition. WWVA believes that work experience is essential to developing a healthy work ethic and is invaluable for success.
       A very limited number of employment opportunities are also available at SonBridge.   SonBridge was purchased by local churches and provides a number of community services such as a thrift-store, free medical services, community education, and a television station. Students who are employed at SonBridge can earn up to twice as much as those working on the WWVA campus. All hiring for these positions goes through the WWVA Business office.
Parent Contribution: Planning to contribute toward tuition may be needed. The school will accept payments against the coming school year. This money will be refunded in the event your student does not attend. Billing statements are sent during the first week of the month. They show all transactions and in the case of students who are working, the hours, rate of pay and taxes withheld for that months labor.
        If there is one area of concern, it is accounts that fall behind. In all the years Steve, Fuchs, our Financial VP, has shepherded student accounts, he has found that those who faithful monthly payments, and whose student works reliably as planned are successful in making Christian Education affordable. Once a family falls behind, it becomes very difficult to catch up. If you are experiencing financial challenges, we encourage you to contact our Business office as soon as possible.
It is important to us that any student who is interested in attending WWVA has an opportunity to explore the financial options available. Custom payment plans are available to help you budget. You can explore your options by contacting our Financial Vice Principal, Steve Fuchs, at 509-525-1050 or fuchst@wwva.org.


Financial Aid
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