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Dual Credit Courses: Year One Update

Walla Walla Valley Academy will continue collaborating with Walla Walla University and Central Washington University to offer our students dual credit courses in Physics, Pre-Calculus, College Writing, Spanish and General Psychology with some new additions in the works. 

During the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year we had 15 students dual enrolled in classes with CWU for a total of 18 registrations.  Second semester we had 40 registrations.  The students were enrolled in Physics, Pre-Calculus, Psychology, Spanish I and II.  In addition, 24 students enrolled in the College Writing 121 course from Walla Walla University this spring on our campus.  That is over 80 college courses being taken within our curriculum.

While Advanced Placement courses are designed to prepare students to test out of college courses, dual credit enrolls students in college courses while still in high school and allows them to earn credit towards both their high school and college diplomas. 

Information Recieved from Walla Walla University on Dual Credit…

Dual Enrollment Credits 

Taking college classes while in high school is becoming more and more prevalent. It might be helpful to look at how this “advanced standing” status has benefited the students who come to WWU. Below is a chart showing: 

College in the high school appears to be a growing “opportunity” – 13% of the incoming class in 2011 entered with college credit compared to 29% of the incoming class in 2017. 

Students who opt to take these courses are more likely to be retained by WWU and graduate from college – 80+% college 6-year graduation rates. (Last year our overall 6-year graduation rate of 61%. A record high.) 

About 5% of the students who entered with college credit benefited with less than 4 years to graduation – anywhere from 1 quarter to 1 year of time/tuition savings. (AS degrees not included.) 

We are excited to continue to offer these courses for our students.  In addition, Walla Walla University continues to offer Seniors the opportunity to take a University Course on their campus.  This is a great one-two college prep punch!  Take a dual credit course on campus to get your feet wet and then take a course at the University to see what it’s really like.

For more information contact Keith Wells, Vice Principal for Academics, wellke@wwva.org