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Attendance Policy

Prearranged Absence Form

WWVA recognizes that consistent school attendance, academic success, and school completion are all positively related. The goals of this attendance policy are;

• To ensure the continuity of classroom experiences for all students
• To raise student achievement for all students
• To identify patterns in behavior in order to mitigate their negative outcomes in the future
• To know the locations of all of the students and ensure their safety
• To verify that all students are in compliance with the laws in regards to compulsory attendance

Parents are notified each day of a student’s attendance. Students will have 2 school days to clear any unexcused absences starting with their first day back. Parents can send a note, email (attendance@wwva.org), or
call the office to excuse a student’s absence.

An unexcused absence for one period will be counted as one unexcused absence. Three unexcused tardies will equal one unexcused absence. An attendance code of LC (Left Class) means that the student left class
without the teacher’s permission.

For each unexcused absence, a student may serve one detention period. For every 6 unexcused absences, a student accumulates the student may serve one day of in-school suspension. These running totals reset for each semester. For each LC attendance code, the student may serve one day of in-school suspension.

The administration will contact a student’s guardians regarding each of these actions.

Early Dismissal: When a parent/guardian finds it necessary to pick up their students before the end of the school day, they must sign out the student in the office. The student must then sign out in the office as well.

Leaving Campus: Students who leave campus before their regular school day is completed must get permission from a parent/guardian to the office before they are allowed to leave. They then need to sign out in the office. Students who fail to comply with this may serve one day of in-school suspension.

Loss of Credit: If a student accumulates 15 or more absences in any class during a semester they may lose credit for that class for that semester. School-related absences, quarantines, hospital stays, and court appearances do not
count towards this total but all other excused and unexcused absences are included in this policy. This loss of credit can be appealed to the Administrative Council.

A special emphasis will be placed on attendance for the periods following lunchtime. If a student has either 2 unexcused absences or 4 unexcused tardies in the periods following the lunch hour the student’s off-campus lunch privileges may be lost for the rest of the semester.