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Administrative Team

Erik Borges, MBA

Principal borger@wwva.org  |  509-525-1050 x212 

Erik Borges is passionate about education, but more specifically Adventist education. Mr. Borges graduated from Walla Walla College (University) with a degree in elementary education and minors in physical education and special education. He later received his Masters in Business Administration from Western Governors University. He loves to teach and coach young people both in and out of the classroom. He comes to WWVA from Highland View Academy in Maryland where he was the principal and athletic director. Most of his teaching career was in Central California. When Mr. Borges is not at school he enjoys playing/watching sports, playing games with his family and traveling.

Keith Wells, M.Ed.

Academic Vice Principal wellke@wwva.org  |  509-525-1050 x215 

Keith Wells loves Math and Physics. He loves it so much, that even on vacation, he reads books about it. He holds a degree in Education from Eastern Washington University, as well as an M.Ed in Professional Development. He taught Math and Physics in Prosser, Washington for ten years, coming to WWVA in 2004 to teach Math and Physics here. In 2008, he became the Academic Vice Principal and is hip-deep in scheduling classes, advising students, facilitating faculty professional development, and maintaining academic standards. But his biggest passion is encouraging students to be successful. He is usually found connecting with kids in the hallways during passing times and lunch. In addition, teaching Geometry allows him to share his passion for Math with another generation of students.

Steve Fuchs

Financial Vice Principal fuchst@wwva.org  |  509-525-1050 x214 

Steve Fuchs has been an Academy treasurer since 1987 and the Financial Vice Principal at Walla Walla Valley Academy since 1992. His attention to detail, ability to see the big picture, careful money management and compassion have earned him the reputation for “finding a way.”  He is passionate about making Christian education a reality for your student. He does this by introducing you to the sources of funding available and creating a payment schedule that illustrates how funding and projected expenses fit together.  He understands that Christian Education is a large financial commitment that takes incredible, but over the years he has seen it become a reality for all household income levels. For many families, it takes a partnership with between your church, the school, and conference, your enrolled student’s contribution from labor earnings and monthly family payments. If you are concerned about the investment, make an appointment with Steve to review your options and discover how we can work together to make it happen.

Betty Farley

Director of Marketing & Recruitment farlbe@wwva.org  |  509-525-1050 x224

Betty Farley arrived in Walla Walla in August of 2018, having made the decision to leave Northern California just six weeks prior. Having grown up in the Adventist Educational environment where her father and mother worked at Southern Adventist University, Betty enjoys the opportunity to work with students and help them achieve their goals. Betty is passionate about communication and strives to make sure every student, parent, faculty and staff have all of the information they need to make great decisions. Having graduated from SAU with a degree in Business, Betty worked for 15 years in the computer industry in Silicon Valley before becoming a preschool director then the registrar at Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy. “Working in the academy environment is the culmination of the best parts of my life and work experiences. I’m so excited to be contributing to the success of students and to the goals of WWVA,” stated Betty. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and son, camping, reading, crocheting and all animals. Betty especially enjoys sitting on the bridge crossing the creek that flows through her families property and listening as it babbles along its way to join the Walla Walla River.

Teri Foote

Associate for Academics and Finances footte@wwva.org  |  509-525-1050 x213  

Teri Foote arrived in Walla Walla July 1997 from Union Springs Academy in the Finger Lake region of New York. She and her husband, John worked with students there for 20 years, so when she joined the WWVA staff in April of 1999, it felt like coming home.  Her passion is supporting students building character for heaven—only things that really matter for heaven—  and their relationship with Jesus. Teri has an aptitude for details and is an excellent resource for financial and academic problem-solving. In her spare time, she enjoys sewing, travel and working with John, as well as spending time with their two children and family in New York State.

Dena Garrett

Assistant to the Principal garrde@wwva.org  |  509-525-1050

Dena Garrett was born in California but grew up in Kentucky and Tennessee. Her senior year of high school she returned to California, where she met her husband Wally, WWVA’s Facilities Director.  After they married, they lived in Milton-Freewater from 1982-1986 and Worked at Blue Mountain Convalescent and Harris Pine Mills. When Harris Pine closed, California called once again. We’re pretty sure they planned to never return to the valley. Dena worked at La Sierra Academy from 1991 to 2005. There she worked as a School Care Coordinator, Librarian, Study Hall Supervisor, 1st-grade teachers aide, Kindergarten teachers aide and a yard supervisor—not all at one time. (To be honest, she could do it, she’s incredibly organized!)  In 2005 she was offered the position with an Orthopedic Implant Distributorship where she soon became the Office Manager until we convinced the Garretts to join us here at WWVA. Their sons, Westley and Wally Jr live in California. She is an outstanding cook and enjoys camping, taking photos, gardening, sewing, and crafts. Most of all she enjoys doing anything with her best friend— Wally.